How To Make More Money With Foot Peel Pedicures

Have you heard of foot peels that seem to be all the rage? Trending from the popular brand “Baby Foot” the process involves applying a wrap filled with callous killing acids for an hour then rinsing. Apparently, leaving hardened skin to peel – some instantly and more within days after use.

Is this really helping the nail industry? Since the service takes an hour most businesses have been selling the wraps and send clients packing. This takes money out of the business and nail technician’s pocket since clients won’t return for monthly pedicures. The business may earn a small profit from selling the kits and nail techs may a couple bucks if they have a retail commission contract with the business owner. But, both on average earn far less than if the client would have agreed to a full pedicure. Client’s may also feel they no longer need the rough sawing and scrubbing that a pedicure provides.

Is this really best for clients? The acid not only attacks hardened skin but all skin including cuticles often resulting in harmful peeling of healthy skin. Results can leave feet even more unattractive in the long run.

What should nail technicians offer instead? Let’s use this trend to our advantage! There are several professional products on the market today that nail techs can add to pedicures.  I have found that all these products can cause additional mild peeling for days after the treatment takes place. So, nail techs make sure to wear gloves when applying otherwise your own hands and cuticles will begin to peel.

Popular Products:

dsc00830CND Cuticle Away – I never use this on hands because it requires water to neutralize. If you do not have a spray bottle handy, clients skin will be over treated causing their cuticles to worsen, days later they will blame you, and most likely think manicures do more harm than good. However, charge $10-15 more on a pedicure and this can be a dream foot treatment.

Simply apply to bottom of foot and other rough patches. Be sure to avoid healthy skin. Wrap with plastic bag. Then wrap over the bag with a wet/hot towel. The heat and acid will work more quickly to soften tough skin. Be sure to rinse all the slim off before filing. If you read my book How To Make Money As A Manicurist  you should be familiar with my time saving pedicure technique. Same applies here, just because the solution needs to stay on the feet for thirty minutes, does NOT mean that the pedicure should take thirty minutes longer.

Footlogix – This miracle spray has helped me drastically cut filing time for clients with nasty calluses. This product is a little more difficult to up-sell because the client may not feel like he or she is getting something for their money. Mainly, because all it takes is spraying it on. I will leave it on for just a few minutes then begin my usual filing treatment. Typically I charge $5 extra which is great considering it takes no time at all. If you wanted to make the client feel like it’s a super big add on worth $10-15 more dollars do the same as with Cuticle Away. Spray it on, wrap with plastic bag, then wrap with wet/hot towel, remove and file.

Verbalize It’s Greatness: As with all treatments, make sure you wow the client as skin is flying off the foot in every direction by saying something like “wow, look at how great this is working for you” or “I’m so glad we decided to help your feet with this extra callous treatment, look at all the dead skin flying off!” Yes it’s gross, but when a client sees that, they will be amazed, feel good about paying the extra money and be more likely to get it again.

Congratulations, you just made extra money!


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