Cheap Polish and Pedicure Mask

As many of you know I am a huge fan of getting supplies on Ebay and unusual places in order to save money to ultimately make more money.

Here are some of my finds:

  • Purchased the metal polish rack on Ebay  for $20
  • Purchase all of this nail polish either clearance at The Industry Source or through Ebay. I have everything from Essie and OPI to Vinylux and Shellac. The entire lot that you see in the picture cost about $270.
  • Foot Mask I purchased on Ebay from an individual who was selling it. Completely brand new unopened for $12. It’s a nice little add on for clients which I sometimes throw it in free with a promotion or charge $5 extra. You could also incorporate this into one of your upscale pedicures where you can charge $20-25 more per pedicure.
    $12 EBay
    $20 metal polish rack

    $270 lot of nail polish


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