Make More Money With Contests

black-and-white-people-bar-menFriendly competition can continue raising profits month after month. First of all – It’s fun! Everyone wants to work in a busy and bustling salon because the technicians are all making great money! So, if your boss is not on board then why not create one for yourselves? The success of the business as a whole is going to make everyone more money!

Contest Ideas:

  • Most positive client reviews
  • Most amount of clients
  • On average higher sales tickets
  • Sells the most retail
  • Most add on services or upgrades
  • Most cross selling

Set A Time Limit:

  • Shorter goals like a week or a month tend to work best

Prize Ideas:

  • Go out to lunch – The winner gets his or hers free while all the other staffers chip in to pay for the winner.
  • Coffee – The winner gets free coffee from a local coffee shop once a week for a month or every day for a week.
  • Product – Everyone chips in to purchase something like tools or supplies to perform his or her job.
  • Service – Chip in to get a gift certificate for services at the salon.
  • Superiority – The winner gets to host the next team meeting and give tips on how they won.

Punishment Ideas (what the losers have to do):

  • Clean the salon while the winner goes free.
  • Take turns cleaning the winner’s nail station everyday for a week
  • Take turns getting the winner’s client’s beverages for a month
  • Take turns washing the winner’s towels for a month

Check out contests with teams! You can also create contests between hair stylists, nail technicians, massage therapists, reception and estheticians 🙂



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