How To Rock Those Dreaded Staff Meetings

I hate meetings as much as the next guy but unfortunately they are a huge business

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Rocking Team Building

necessity. They help keep everyone on the same page, bolster enthusiasm, and in the end, turn more profit for your salon. If you’re not the salon owner, meetings are an excellent way to get feedback from superiors and learn how to be the best nail technician you can be. Scroll down to check out the employee section 🙂 

If you’re the boss:

Quick – Keep meetings 30-60 minutes. Absolutely no longer than this! Stay on track by creating an outline and sticking to it. When the conversations get off base, pull it back on focus. An outline should have some of the following included:

  • Educate – People are less bored when they are leaning something new. Teach them selling techniques, cross-selling, how products work and how they benefit the client, or what’s new in the salon (updating).
  • Roll Playing – Always somewhat awkward at first but it works! I tried drilling my staff with the sales process over and over again. But week after week they continued to fall short UNTIL I had them roll play. Literally from that meeting on, sales increased for everyone but one person in particular had her sales quadruple for the week!
  • Read Client Reviews – Watch your staff transform after the good and bad reviews are read allowed in front of everyone week after week. You better believe they won’t want the shame of a bad review and they’ll put in that extra effort to get soaring compliments. When staffers get positive reviews make sure to let everyone know who it was so they can be encouraged and consider leaving negative reviews nameless. There is no sense pointing out a problem without offering a solution. Instead, ask the entire staff what could have been done better in order to correct the negative review.

Consider – hold staff contests to boost moral and sales. Hold monthly meetings somewhere cool like at a local coffee shop or provide lunch.


If you’re not the boss:

  • Send this page as a suggestion to your boss 🙂
  • A major problem in any workplace is bad communication between staff and superiors. Some people are told one thing, while another person just got yelled at for doing that very same thing. This all leads to employee frustration. Once one employee is unhappy it breeds a negative work space that spreads uncontrollably through gossip and complaining.
  • Ask for feedback from your boss. Ask him or her questions like:
    • “How do you think I could improve?”
    • “What do you think about doing holding weekly or monthly team meetings?”
    • “Do you have any sales tips you can share with me?”
    • “Are there any opportunities for continuing education that you know of?”
    • “What made you want to start your own business?”
  • Constant communication with the boss builds a relationship, helps you stay on the same page, and will get you promoted much quicker if you’re interested in management or a raise.
  • During staff meetings be engaged, have a positive yet humble attitude so you can absorb and learn everything possible to become the best at your job.pexels-photo-288477.jpeg

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