New Waterless Pedicure

I recently received a request to do a pedicure party which I LOVE doing because I get 100% profits and typically get paid in cash – yeah baby $$$. This pedicure party was a new challenge for me since the host requested pedicures for “upwards of 20 people” yikes! At first I was thinking to myself, “oh man I’m going to need to find more nails techs to work with me and it’ll cut into my profits and the more people that are in a group the larger discount they expect… ugg”. But then I had an epiphany!

And here is what I did:

$30 pedicures – yes that seems insanely cheap right? In the end I worked for 9 straight hours munching on trail mix whenever I could so I wouldn’t pass out. I saved loads of time by eliminating the pedicure bowl all together – no cleaning, scrubbing, filling and emptying water all day long. At the end of the day I made about $740 with tips and boils down to around $80 per hour.  Not too shabby for a days work.

  1. Spray bottom of foot with callous spray
  2. Clip and file nails
  3. Apply cuticle gel, push back and clip (when needed)
  4. Foot file
  5. Spray entire foot with water to neutralize the acids in foot spay and callous remover.
  6. Apply lotion
  7. Prep nails and polish

Maybe it’s not the most glamorous pedicure in the world but it totally did the job and made the guests happy.



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