My Favorite Cuticle Pusher Only Costs $.95

Lower Expenses = Higher Profits Supplies, tools, implements, cleaning agents, polishes and gadgets can all add up. I've been a LONG time fan of this cuticle pusher because: The round edges are gentle on the cuticle - how many times have you received a pedicure and bit your lip trying not to flinch while the … Continue reading My Favorite Cuticle Pusher Only Costs $.95

Worst Valentine’s Day Promotion

At two different salons where I ¬†previously worked, management thought it was a clever idea to run chocolate pedicure specials for couples. They invested money into chocolate product. Invested more time and money into promoting it. Guess what happened? No one saw the benefits of chocolate scented crud on their feet and legs. In both … Continue reading Worst Valentine’s Day Promotion