Expanding The Salon Renovations

When I decided to add services to my salon I knew it was time for a larger space, ultimately making it a medical day spa with laser services, skin care and massage. My clients were accustomed to being in the hubbub of downtown but the rent was astronomical. Instead I found this old house located in prime downtown with shockingly low rent of only $755 per month. However, it was in bad shape! I had just three weeks to renovate this space changing it from an old dirty office space into a relaxing spa. There were two random holes in the walls, disgusting stained carpet, different flooring and base trim in every room and just general grime everywhere. Check out the before pictures:

First thing I did was tear out the old carpet myself and actually I did most of the work myself and with family/friends volunteers. I paid a contractor to put in a wall upstairs in order to turn 2 rooms into 3. I’ll have more tutorials in upcoming posts but, for now you can check out some of the post renovation pictures:








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