Worst Valentine’s Day Promotion

img_8675At two different salons where I  previously worked, management thought it was a clever idea to run chocolate pedicure specials for couples. They invested money into chocolate product. Invested more time and money into promoting it. Guess what happened? No one saw the benefits of chocolate scented crud on their feet and legs. In both cases we had to discount the service after Valentine’s Day in order to not allow the products to go to waste. In some cases, upgrading for free in order to practically force clients to get the chocolate rub downs against their will.

So what’s the lesson here? Don’t offer services that do not provide any added benefit to the client. Especially if they’re added expenses for both you and the client. Also, as fun as it sounds to you and me, couples rarely come in together for nail services.

What Valentine’s Day promotions were successful? Gift certificate sales promotions. Such as “Get a bonus $5 when you purchase a $45 gift certificate”.

Here’s hoping that you didn’t already order chocolate foot mask.


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