My Favorite Cuticle Pusher Only Costs $.95

Lower Expenses = Higher Profits

Supplies, tools, implements, cleaning agents, polishes and gadgets can all add up. I’ve been a LONG time fan of this cuticle pusher because:

  1. The round edges are gentle on the cuticle – how many times have you received a pedicure and bit your lip trying not to flinch while the sharp square edged metal monster stabbed at your toes? Well, this is happens to me basically every time I get a pedicure… and guess what? I never say anything, just like your clients probably won’t say anything to you. They’ll just leave knowing in their minds that the likelihood of a return visit is low.
  2. It’s durable and long lasting
  3. And the best part – It’s only $.95 on Ebay  


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