How To Keep Busy During Salon Slow Months

If you live in a seasonal state like Michigan, Clients rush to get their dry and crusted feet taken care of as soon as the the warm weather hits. Spring and summer are a nail technician’s dream. But, soon after the Holidays, clients pull up their boots and their toes hibernate for the winter.

First off, you want to make sure you’re not blowing all your money over the busy season. Save in preparation for a slow winter. Here are some more tips for making your winter fabulous:

  • Shellac and gel polish can pull in return clients all year long. Get clients hooked on shellac and you’ll have consistent returns every 2-3 weeks. Be sure to impress upon them the importance of not allowing the nails to go longer than 2-3 weeks. The gel polish will ultimately begin to crack or lift. Any cracking and lifting damages the client’s natural nails. Picking or peeling the gel polish off is especially destructive to nails!
  • Run Black Friday, Christmas and New Year Promotions! This way clients will load up on gift certificates, lining your pockets for winter and encouraging them to visit more frequently.
  • Run creative promotions! Try a warm seasonal pedicure/manicure combination like hot stone pedicure and shellac manicure for $70. Don’t run specials on manicures alone since they are likely to come in for this service anyway, it’s the feet we want to ultimately tackle.
  • Bank on vacationing clients, who leave us freezing folks to head to the Caribbean. Try an “Escape” package with a pedicure/manicure combination. Include tropical scents and fun colorful advertising.
  • Fill a need! What happens to feet in the winter? They become dry and cracked. Offer a Foot Peel pedicure special.
  • What happens to clients joints during winter? They ache! Push paraffin add ons and upgrades.
  • Valentine’s Day couples special! Myself and other nail tech friends of mine have tried doing chocolate pedicures. Don’t waste your time and money buying chocolate products and marketing this. Trust me, the client sees no benefit to having chocolate anything on their feet. Instead just offer a slight discount for two people to come in together. It doesn’t even have to be couples, it could be friends, mother/daughter, etc. You’ll get twice the amount of clients and won’t have to waste money on new products. pexels-photo-38674.jpeg

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