How To File Feet Without Breaking A Sweat

I’ve seen everything over the years, in the form of dry cracked feet, peeling skin and feet that have been disfigured from pedicure blades. Every human alive needs the dead crud removed from their skin. You can be the one to do it to their satisfaction regardless of the condition of their feet, leaving them amazed and happy handing over a grateful gratuity. What do I always say? Work Smarter – Not Harder!

  1. Use the proper tools. Don’t ever use blades – ever! The reason why callouses grow on feet in the first place is to protect the foot from injury or harm. If you cut skin off, it will become sliced, with tougher callouses and take months to heal and correct. I’ve found that a thick standard foot file does the trick. dsc00832
  2. Soak in warm water first. If performing this at home, it’s best to file while showering or bathing.
  3. Optional – Foot Peel
  4. File the foot without any junk on it like sloughing cream or scrub. Skin will likely be flying off in all directions. Rest the client’s foot down and instruct them to flex in order to minimize arm strain while filing the ball of the foot. Then hold foot up to file the heal instructing clients to entirely relax their leg using the natural weight of the leg to push against the foot file.
  5. Apply lotion and Re-file! This smoothes any remaining rough patches.



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