10 Qualities of a GREAT Receptionist

A business has a lot of working parts that all need to function flawlessly in order to thrive financially. I refrain from adding “not dumb” to the list. Because let’s face it half the people we interview are just dummies that would take months to train and perhaps still never get it. On the other hand if they are clever and fast at learning it will save you money, time and aggravation. A receptionist should take weight off your shoulders not make your daily life more difficult. I digress… Whether it’s you or your staff, here are some key qualities that all receptionists must have:

  1. Do What They’re Told – They should be willing to do anything you ask such as clean, answer phones, help clients find the bathroom, give tours, find missing client items, running errands, etc. They are paid by the hour and so the entire time on the clock should be filled with business building tasks. I once had a receptionist who refused to fill the soap dispenser among other things and let’s just say she didn’t pan out. brunette-cute-fashion-female-41366
  2. Friendly and Outgoing Personality – A smile goes a long way with client satisfaction. They should be willing to go above and beyond for your clients without complaint.
  3. Dependable – It’s crucial to be there for your clients before they arrive for their appointments. Working at a spa is not like working in an office, it’s not okay to call in and take the day off when clients are waiting.
  4. Listen to Clients – This goes along with being selfless. Being able to listen to clients needs, wants and concerns is key to being able to providing excellent customer satisfaction.
  5. Able to Sell and Up Sell – This is a requirement for all staff! Your businesses livelihood depends on it. Asking clients if they want to purchase more treatments, upgrade to a spa pedicure or purchase retail products should come naturally. If they are friendly they should be able to get clients excited about products and services without being pushy. adult-background-business-computer-53508
  6. Tech Savvy – Some people are smart enough to pick up on software and programs on their own. But it’s far simpler to hire someone who knows their stuff already. This helps avoid mistakes such as scheduling or financial record keeping.
  7. Able to Handle Stress and Upset Clients – Problem soving goes hand in hand with taking care of upset clients. Because let’s face it, in every salon there are upset clients from time to time. First don’t waste your breathe apologizing too much the client just wants you to fix the situation! People can be super rude so the receptionist will need to have thick skin.
  8. Fast – I once made the mistake of hiring a friend when I asked her to put postage stamps on birthday postcards, it literally took her all morning. Four hours of pay for sitting there talking and putting stamps on postcards…. yup imagine the tension as I counted her hourly rate plus taxes and payroll fees while she did something I could have done myself in 5 minutes. On the other hand I had a receptionist that was super fast. Everyday I gave her a list of things to do and not only would she finish them all, she would then ask me what else there was to do.
  9. Great Phone Skills – There is a rule about pexels-photo-29594-2never allowing the phone to ring more
    than three times before you answer it. As a matter of fact, it’s best to allow it to ring twice. Research suggests something strange happens when we feeble minded humans make a phone call. It takes most brains a minute to catch up. Likewise, the receptionist should always say an opening line before she says anything else. For example: Don’t Say “Traci’s Salon” Instead Say, “Good Morning Traci’s Salon, how can I help?” If the receptionist cannot hear or misunderstands; Don’t Say “what?” Instead Say “I’m Sorry?” It’s little tips like this that make your important phone conversations go from rude to extraordinary.
  10. Look Nice – The beauty industry’s the front desk staff should look professional with hair and makeup done while sporting trendy attire. They don’t have to look like a model but they should look put together and not like they just rolled out of bed.


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