3 Rules For Hiring Excellent Staff Without Turnover

people-apple-iphone-writingIt’s cheaper to hire right the first time and keep an employee rather than consistently searching, training and retraining. Not to mention being stuck without staff leaving the bulk of responsibilities on your shoulders! How many times have you read an online review where the customer mentioned how great the staff was or was not? I unfortunately learned the hard way when I got my first negative online review from a member of my staff.

Here are a few rules for hiring right:

  1. Don’t Hire Family – We’ve all heard this before but it could not be more true. Most family members cannot emotionally separate themselves from the business. They can easily take advantage of you and take any correction or suggestion personally.
  2. Don’t Ask Yes or No Questions While Interviewing – In order to get a good representation of his or her personality, ask questions that inspire talking and examples. Don’t ask, “are you dependable?” “Are you a fast learner?” Because obviously they will give you the answer you are looking for. Instead, ask questions like “give me an example of when you had to deal with a problem client, what happened and how did you deal with it?” “What types of experiences have you had where you needed to exercise intensive time management?”
  3. Multiple Interview Process – Don’t hire someone right on the spot. A super smiley girl could interview well but suck at her job. Instead, have two or more interview rounds. Explain the rounds at the start of the interview. If he or she passes the first interview, invite them to come back for a second that displays their skills. For example, a manicurist should always perform a pedicure and manicure to present skills (or lack there of). A receptionist could come back for shadowing with a test at the end. I know it’s always slightly awkward but role playing is a great way to test and reveal skills! pexels-photo-57825.jpeg

Once you have done all the ground work to obtain your rock star staff now it’s time to keep them! 4 Ways To Prevent Staff Turnover

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