Don’t Use A Yucky Portable Foot Bath

soap-bubble-colorful-ball-soapy-waterYou know it, I know it, and clients know it! Those plastic portable foot spas are disgusting! They are difficult to clean, ugly and sends clients running for the exit. Spare yourself the embarrassment and get something trendy and sleek. If you cannot afford the plumbing and price of the pedicure throne, then choose of these options:

  • Large Stainless Steel Bowl
    • Easy to sanitize
    • Add large easy to clean rocks on the bottom for extra luxury
    • Durabledsc00816
  • Large Stainless Steel Beverage Tub

    • This one is my new favorite!
    • It has handles to for easy carrying
    • It’s angled so clients can place feet on the higher side instead of your pants
    • Easy to sanitize
    • Durable

Both are great options for At Home Spa Parties or

Kids Pamper Parties

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