At Home Spa Parties

Spa parties are a great way to make extra cash especially during the slower times of year. Most nail technicians can coordinate and work at home spa parties outside of their regular job. If you are a 1099/independent contractor, you are free to market and promote these types of parties at your establishment. If you are an employee, you must work independently from your work place. Places to start seeking hosts would be Craigslist, Facebook or other social media groups. The spa parties can be for kids or adults. Check out my page for Kids Pamper Parties.

  • Be careful not to overexert yourself. One of my first at home parties had unexpected guests all wanting full pedicures. It took me nearly nine hours and I went without food the entire time. My body was both physically and mentally exhausted for a few hundred bucks.
  • Decide if you want the host to pay you in full or individual party guests to pay as they go. Some party hosts my not want to front the cash and wait for their friends to pay them back. However, if you want a minimum amount of money this is the route to take. That way you are guaranteed 5 pedicures, for example, if only 3 people show up.
  • Ask for a downpayment to hold the party date. This will go toward the services and should be non-refundable if the host needs to cancel. I typically only charge a small fee of $25.
  • Create a simple contract between you and the party host. Find an example on my page Kids Pamper Parties.
  • Likewise, create a simple contract between you and any other guest nail technicians that you decide to bring with you.

From my experience, pedicures are what people want. I rarely ever perform manicures at this type of party. If there are any manicure requests, I first complete all the pedicures before switching over to a manicure station. This is a huge time and energy saving technique!

  • If it’s not a party but just one person wanting a pedicure, charge $50-60 (about 1 hour)
  • If there are 2-3 guests, charge $45 for a full pedicure (about 1 hour per person)
  • If there are more than 3 guests, charge $35 for pedicures but as a time saving measure, do not perform massages (about 45 minutes per person)
  • Or, perform only mini pedicures which includes no foot filing or massage for $25 (about 30 minutes per person)
  • Bring enough foot files for everyone, set them aside in a plastic bag for sanitation at the very end or for when you get back home. Again, huge time saving technique.
  • Bring a bottle of dish soap and a spray bottle with your Barbicide solution to quickly wash out the pedicure basin.
  • Here’s my favorite and recommended portable pedicure tub

Congratulations you just made more money!

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