Credit Card Chargebacks

Beware, when you accept credit cards unhappy clients are able to file chargebacks with their credit card companies. Technically speaking this is illegal, however, a lot of shady folks remain on planet Earth. If a client leaves angry and you refuse a refund, they could go to their credit card company and file a form. They testify on this form that they did not approve the charges. This is only supposed to be used in the case of credit card fraud. But, instead is now used for jerk clients who just want their money back.

How to protect yourself:

  • If this happens to you, the credit card company will contact you and allow you to submit evidence for service.
  • Have proof of purchase. (The following are examples you may not need all of them.)
    • Receipt¬†preferably with signature
    • Client card filled out and signed by client
    • Appointment on record. Things like email reminders and text reminders are helpful
    • Any sort of email or print communication between you and the client
    • You can take screen shots of any evidence on your computer such as appointments or emails in order to submit them to evidence
    • The most annoying part – money is taken away or put on hold in your account until the verdict is in. Be sure to always have some money in savings to prepare for little annoyances like these.

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