Should You Give Your Clients Christmas Gifts??

Check out my post on How To Get Fat Tips! I explain how during the Holidays I earn huge tips from clients.

I give small gifts to my clients at Christmas to show them I care and appreciate them. It’s usually something beauty related like lib balm, lotion or Spa In A Jar.

It’s an easy thing to do, so why wouldn’t you? Not only does it increase my average gratuity, but it makes clients more loyal and more likely to stay my client forever.

What NOT to give them:

  • Something that would make your job useless such as pedicure supplies, or tools to do their own manicure.

Here are some ideas for client Christmas gifts:

  1. Spa In A Jar
  2. Healing lip balm or lip gloss
  3. Lotion or body butter
  4. Star Bucks $5 gift cards
  5. Coupon for their next service


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