How To Make Cheap Marketing Materials

Designing logos, spa menus, websites, business cards, brochures and more can get expensive really quickly! The more you can do yourself, the better. However, it still needs to look eye catching and professional.

3E4176EF-54C3-43CC-9AA1-52F96836DE57.jpgPrinting your own:

  • The cheaper the printer = the more expensive the ink
  • I recommend Brother printers consider getting color and black & white high yield for high volume printing.
  • Use fancy paper such as high gloss 
  • Never purchase new cartridges instead, refill your ink at a businesses like Cartridge World  or buy super cheap ink on Ebay

Professional Designs:

  • Try Fiverr for anything cheap from logos, graphic design, book covers, product labels, brochures, web design and more!

Outsource Printing:

Every successful business needs to know How To Keep Expenses Low


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