4 Ways To Prevent Staff Turnover

If only we were all happy and content all the time… oh what a world that would be.

Unfortunately, everyone goes through emotional rifts, family disaster, feeling unappreciated, feeling worthless and more yuckiness. If you take the proactive steps while hiring, you will want to keep your amazing team. 3 Rules For Hiring Excellent Staff Without Turnover

Here are 4 easy ways to keep staff happy so they stick around:img_7485

  1. Incentivize: Staff contests are awesome! They 1) Boost Sales 2) Boost Employee Moral 3) Offer staff something to work towards thereby making them more happy. Monetary commission bonuses for performance also provide employees something to work toward and earn more money for both you and your staff. Be thoughtful: Remember your staff’s birthdays, buy them lunch, get them Christmas gifts or bonuses. If your business is still small, get them gift certificates, cute gift bags or make something for them. My “go to” gift is Spa In A Jar which is cheap to buy or make yourself while still being cute and making them feel special. These are great because too often people in the pampering industry don’t get pampered themselves. I’ve also strategically given gift certificates to other spas in order to gain covert information while helping staff feel relaxed.
  2. Weekly Meetings: Recognition motivates without breaking the bank. Share and read in front of everyone things that impressed you or clients. Read client reviews and talk about goals and ways to improve. It’s important to set clear expectations for
    Startup Stock Photos
    Comfortable Conversations

    staff that way when you correct them, they know exactly where you are coming from.

  3. Monthly One-On-One Feedback: Taking time out to sit down with staff individually, shows you care, are on top of things and are noticing all the hard work they do. If there were any issues, start with correction and end with positivity. Instead of just scolding, offer suggestions on how to improve and role play.
  4. Don’t Gossip! Ever! Go directly to staff if there are issues. Any type of gossip is creates an unhealthy and unhappy work environment.


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