How To Steal Clients

Okay, it’s not really “stealing” it’s cross selling. If you sit around day after day waiting for that blessed walk-in client then you are wasting your time and talent. Every single client in the building is up for grabs. Let me clarify, do not steal competitive clients AKA clients in your same field. But, if you’re a nail tech, you can defiantly take advantage of massage, hair, tanning clients, etc.  I’ve used this technique countless times in the past and it never fails to fill in my schedule with paying clients. Clients who are already in the salon/spa are more likely to get cross services as they already enjoy the location and atmosphere. Once you start working your business with techniques like these, your business will begin to explode!

Here’s how:pexels-photo-38977

Offer Complimentary Hand Treatments

  1. Approach clients sitting under the hair dryer, waiting in the lounge, or post appointments. This can feel awkward at first but once you push yo
    urself to follow through, it will only get easier. Start by chatting it up with casual topics or just say “Hi, I’m Elizabeth I’m offering free hand treatments today! Would you like one?” They’ll usually ask what it is and then you can really sell how amazing it is.
  2. Once you have the “go ahead” you can either take them to your nail table or if under the hair dryer, pull up a chair and treat them on the spot.

How It Works

  1. Use hand sanitizer or spray with warm water infused with essential oils to clean.
  2. Apply and gently massage an exfoliating scrub to the hands.
  3. Use warm towels to remove. Wrap the warm wet towel completely around their hand then shimmy with small but quick motions to remove rough particles.
  4. Apply lotion, oil or butter and massage hands.

Don’t Waste Your Time

  1. This simple hand treatment feels amazing, making clients warm up to you and instantly relax. While they are loosing up under the pleasure of your pampering, start to tell them about yourself and your services.
  2. Seal the deal by encouraging them to schedule an appointment that day! Give them an incentive such as 10% off your next service if you schedule it before you leave today. Or a free upgrade of some kind with the same stipulations. dsc00814



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