An Affordable Way To Sell Online Gift Certificates

Do you have a client email list OR a website? If so, you can easily make money selling gift certificates online. I use The Gift Card Cafe. (I do not get paid for recommending any of my products or service providers -that way, you know I’m being honest). Every time I send an email blast promotion to my clients I make money with minimal effort.

Using Email:

  1. Set up a Mail Chimp account or something comparable.
  2. Set up a PayPal or Stripe account so you can get paid.
  3. Create your deals using The Gift Card Cafe. They do not necessarily need to be discounted because simply offering clients an easy way to purchase gifts will be inciting enough for some.
  4. When creating the Mail Chimp email campaign – instead of selecting a template choose “Code Your Own”. Then copy and paste the entire “send an email code” from The Gift Card Cafe into Mail Chimp. The email will look very professional listing all of the active gift card buying options for clients.
  5. After clients purchase gift certificates you will get an email notification and can login to your account for record keeping.
  6. Clients will get an email of the certificate to print and give as a gift or keep for themselves.

Using Your Website:

  1. Copy steps 1-3 above
  2. Copy and paste individual gift certificate codes into your website. Instructions for this vary based on what website provider you use.


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