Fire & Ice Pedicure? Yes Please!

Do you want to make more money in less time – um…. yea who doesn’t? Here’s another upgradeable pedicure that will surely impress your clients! Its name intrigues clients and makes them feel cool for being so bold to choose such a dramatic pedicure. They will say to themselves “I live on the edge!” as they hand over extra cash not only for making their feet and toes pretty but giving them an experience to tell their friends about.


Alright enough chit chat! Here are the details:

  • Charge $10-25 more than your classic pedicure. All of my pedicures take about the same amount of time (if done using my time saving techniques).
  • Fire = Use a warming scrub. There are several different scrubs like this however, I enjoy CND Earth Warming Scrub. First, apply the scrub, then add water to activate the warming effect.
  • Ice = Use an intense peppermint lotion. This could be homemade or try this amazing yet slightly more pricey product by Moor. A little goes a long way and trust me it’s worth the price!
  • Fire & Ice = Wrap the feet in hot towels. The peppermint and warm towel will create an amazing unforgettable sensation.
  • Mask? During the fire and ice portion, you could choose to include a mask or not. I would recommend something neutral so as to not take away from the Tension Balm‘s sensations. Then apply more peppermint lotion once the mask is removed.
  • How To Make More Money In Less Time

If you try this pedicure be sure to follow my blog and let me know how your clients enjoy it.



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