7 Steps to make money while eating left over turkey on Black Friday

Why shouldn’t salons take advantage of the biggest shopping day of the year?! I have made as much as $22K on this one day alone in gift certificate sales! But, it’s crucial to start getting clients excited now (in October)!

  1. Create and print some fliers with details. I usually just make these myself.
  2. Hand to every person you treat and see everywhere you go.
  3. Verbally explain the details of the sale in a very excited manner. Don’t just hand them out without talking it up first.
  4. Set up a way for clients to purchase online – I have previously stayed in the spa all day with food and drinks but really wasn’t worth while. So, now I do online sales only. I use The Gift Card Cafe the gift certificates look super professional and you can set time limits where clients see the timer counting down. You could also limit the number sold. For example, you can generate clients visiting the site by advertising a super amazing deal to the first 5 clients only.  You could also limit the number of units a client purchases, such as, “limit 2 per client”. They can purchase directly in the email or by visiting your website. Check out: How To Collect Client Emails and How To Accept Credit Cards
  5. Send an email out in October and the day before the sale.pexels-photo-179912.jpeg
  6. Stick to your guns and do not allow clients to purchase before or after this date!
  7. Create a promotional expiration date. Trust me, you don’t want clients waiting for years to come in and get their service. Since my Black Friday deals are soooooooo amazing I put a 6 month expiration date on the promotional value. For example, If they purchase a manicure for $18 which is normally $30 they have 6 months to get in and redeem for the specified manicure. After the 6 months however, they can use it only for the paid value of $18 toward any full price service.

Running Black Friday and Holiday sales are another great way to Keep Busy During Slow Months


Congratulations you just made money while eating left over turkey in your bathrobe




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