5 Tips To Build Clientele Fast

We have all heard of offering a discount or special promotion to new clients, but what pexels-photo-110473.jpegabout our current clients? How do we get them to come back, time and time again? We need to build that most beloved clientele that we can count on, rely on and look forward to working on. Because at the end of the day, we need more consistency in our paychecks.

Something I do twice per year are Client Appreciation Nights. But all year long you could choose to reward clients and encourage their loyal patronage. Here are some ideas:

  1. Instead of offering new comers a discount, offer clients an incentive for remaining loyal. New client discounts across the board, cause disloyalty. Because when you can get $5 off a manicure at every nail salon in town as a new client, you can skip around getting discounts wherever you go.
  2. Offer clients free Shellac removal if they schedule their next Shellac manicure before they leave that day.
  3. Offer 10% the total bill for any client who has come in for three full priced visits. For example, they would have to come in three times at full price before they are considered a “regular” client. After that they will get 10% off all the time! Clients love this because they have something to work toward and look forward to. Set this expectation at the first visit! Then they are far more likely to stay your client forever since they feel like VIP.
  4. Keep track of dollars spent by clients. Once they reach $300 you could give them 10% ($30) toward any service. I would create a time frame for this such as:
    • Spend $300 within 3 months
    • Use bonus bucks within a month after they’ve accumulated
  5. All of which keep your schedule full, maximizing your time and pay check!


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