How To Build Clientele – 10 Marketing Tips For Client Appreciation Night

pexels-photo-2I do these events twice per year, it always draws a crowd and my clients love them!


  1. To keep clients happy, make them feel special and create loyal forever clients.
  2. To educate them on new services so they will spend more money.
  3. To bring in new clients by incentivizing when current clients bring friends.
  4. Collect Client Emails and other valuable information.
  5. Get clients to “like” or follow you on social media.


Client Appreciation Interactive Prize Wheel!
  1. Announce the event, share and advertise it for about two months prior to the date
  2. Hand every client the flier with details leading up to the event. This creates excitement!
  3. Encourage clients to bring a friend. In the past I’ve done several different things:
    • Each friend they bring = a spin on the prize wheel
    • Every friend they bring = an entry into a drawing for a free prize
  4. Have videos playing educating clients about services so they have something to watch and are intrigued about new services
  5. Offer discounted services for that night only
    • $5 polish changes or $10 shellac polish changes
    • $5 brow wax
    • $5 chair massages
    • $5 paraffin hand treatments

      yummy food
  6. Include sign up sheets on the wall for excitement and organization
  7. Create Client Marketing Bags – They’ll love & you’ll make more money!
  8. Follow other instructions for throwing amazing Marketing Events
  9. Have discounts for gift certificates if they come in person and buy that night only!
  10. Many of my prize wheel or incentives encourage new clients such as:
    • Purchase $100 gift certificate and get $25 free for a friend (must be a new client and the client cannot use it themselves)
    • Clients love this so they can give these free gift certificates for birthdays, mother’s day and Christmas all while pampering themselves.


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