What Clients Hate!

A recent study revealed what clients hate most about salons!

Think about when you walk into a store; don’t you expect someone to say “hello”? Or if you go to a makeup counter in a department store; how would you feel if you just stood there like a dummy while the makeup artist was either MIA or talking to another coworker? Apparently, these are the same irritations that clients hate about going to a salon.person-woman-hand-smartphone.jpg

When a client walks in, they should be greeted instantaneously. When you are running behind, acknowledge them don’t just avoid them warily while you shake under the stress of finishing the job. Try “Hi, sorry I’m running a little behind today, please help yourself to a magazine and some water.” What To Do When A Client Is Late???

This is where great staff comes in handy. Clients will barely notice their appointment was supposed to start twenty minutes ago when they are being served drinks, reading magazines, and chatting it up with the cool receptionist.

I’ve said this before and I have a section in my book How To Make Money As A Manicurist about it – remember them. I really struggled with this in my early years of manicuring. It was really difficult for me to remember people when I hadn’t yet built a clientele and I would treat so many different new clients. The front desk staff had no way of indicating to me if I had treated the client before, and believe me some embarrassing moments happened when I completely forgot a client or two… or three… or five.

The last one is also a pet peeve of mine. Don’t talk to co-workers or other clients without including your current client. It seems really cliquey when a few regulars are chatting it up with the staff while a new client is sitting there feeling totally left out. Don’t be a mean girl, this isn’t high school, give your current client all your special attention.


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