5 Tips For Halloween Advertising – Cheap & Effective

I got this idea a while back from someone who sold Premier Jewelry so, I tried it for manicuring and the results were amazing! At first, I was a little nervous handing these to kids but after a few trick-or-treaters, I got over it and passed out about 100 advertisements.


  1. Give the Trick-Or-Treat kids some candy of course AND a coupon for their mom.
  2. The coupon could be done in a lot of different creative ways. Here are some ideas:
    • Cute colorful paper type “A Gift For Mom! Enjoy $5 off your next pedicure” and include any small print details and contact info.
    • If you also do At Home Spa Parties or Kids Pamper Parties you may want to include something about that.
  3. You could give the coupon solo or add a gift for mom:
    • Using cute organza bags  fill with a special treat and tie the coupon using the ribbon on the bag.
    • Treats could be lip balm, mini nail polish, nail file, candy, nail oil, etc. Don’t spend a lot on these freebies!
  4. You can find cool paper at dollar stores or use a colorful card stock square and add a smaller printed out square with details attached to it.
  5. Try some creative tags and stick an address label to it with ad details.


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