How To Run Profitable Marketing Events Without Wasting Your Time

No form of advertising works better than meeting your potential clients face to face. These events can be extremely successful and fun!

I’ve participated in things such as:Mary Trelfa 60th-8.jpg

  • Client Appreciation Night
  • Ladies Night Out
  • Black Friday
  • Mother’s Day
  • Business Cooperation Events Teaming Up With Other Partners Such As
    • Botox Representatives
    • Car Dealerships
    • Independent Sales Reps Like Arbonne and Rodan & Fields
  • Local Events Such As
    • Art Fairs
    • Sidewalk Sales
    • Taste of The Town

Each event has been a little different of course – here are some key things I often use to get new clients at these types of events:

  • Client Marketing Bags – They’ll love & you’ll make more money!
  • Have wine! Nothing brings over people like free wine!
  • A Drawing! Check out How To Collect Client Emails
  • Food! Depending on the event, I’ve had full spreads of meat and cheeses or just a veggie platter.
  • Demonstrations: People love to watch or learn things. The more hands on you can get the more people will be drawn to the event or booth.
  • I previously would offer enticing things like complimentary paraffin hand treatments, eye brow waxing and chair massages until I learned that this doesn’t work for my long term goals. Sure, it bring in a lot of people. But those people are cheap losers who only came to use you and your staff for the amazing free stuff. Instead offer $5 chair massages, $5 brow wax or $5 hand treatments.
  • Have sign up sheets on the walls to help things run smoothly
  • A great place to pass out those business card coupons! Check out Business Card Advertising – Cheap & Effective!
  • Use this opportunity to collect information such as names, birthdays, emails, and get as many Facebook “likes” as you can.
  • Special offer if they schedule their appointment that same day.
  • Bonuses for current clients who bring a friend.


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  1. Oh since I’ve been getting tons of emails about where I got that jaw dropping table cloth lol It’s actually a curtain from Target!


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