Client Marketing Bags – They’ll love & you’ll make more money!

This is a simple way to get your information into the client’s hands. Too often, clients grab spa menus and cards only to toss them in the garbage later that day. It’s like throwing money directly into the trash. The answer is simple and effective! When you present your materials like a fancy gift, they will be more likely to treasure it.

How To Impress

  • Use a clear plastic candy bag like this one
  •  Include:
  • If your service menus are larger, you can use a bag like this one
  • You must hand it to the client and tell them everything that’s insideDont just stand there.png
    • Be happy and excited
    • It seems simple, but be bold and place the bag into the client’s hands. It’s key to actually get clients to take them
    • When you take the time to tell them what’s inside it builds value
  • Find Additional Creative Placement
    • Cooperate with other businesses and find places to leave your goodie bags such as at a gym, coffee shop or local diner
  • I usually use my homemade all natural balm as the free gift inside the bag. Theyimg_3407 come in a lip balm tube. Since the ingredients are not only great for your lips, but also skin, I can market them as a cuticle treatment or callous foot treatment as well. 
    • This gets clients hooked on the balm and most often end up purchasing them for $3 each after the fact
    • You can purchase these for your marketing or retail efforts here 
    • I also use these instead of business cards by putting my contact info on the label
    • You could also try something cute like the picture below filled with lotion or   bath salts
    • If your budget is limited start with candy as the freebie and use more expense gifts in the bags for Marketing Events


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