How To Effectively Advertise Without Breaking The Bank

business-card-contact-business-cards-business-42260Fliers, brochures, and other marketing materials can seem cheap and easy to create but those dollars and quarters add up quickly. Sometimes fancy fliers that impress with high gloss shine can be nice but depressing as you watch client after client grab one and toss it in the trash. Because, let’s face it that’s where they all end up.


Every single time I’ve done the business card coupon – It Works and I get NEW clients!

Why Business Cards?

  • If you’ve taken any time to price print marketing materials you’ll find that business cards are the least expensive.
  • They can fit in a wallet.
  • They can slip easily into target places such as car doors or bags.
  • You can get one-sided cards for cheap that are colorful and look professional.

How To Create?

  • Go to a business card making site like VistaPrint while using their templates create a professional one-sided business card design.
  • The main focus should be the coupon! For example: “$5 off any manicure” should be shown very large.
  • Then smaller on the same side of the card, include information on how to book the appointment such as location, phone number and website.
  • Include an expiration date and “for NEW clients only.”

What To Do With Them?

  • I know it seems tacky in some ways but I’m telling you, every time I do this – it works! Place the cards on the driver side window of cars. No, it’s not illegal but you cannot put on windshields. I find it super easy and fast to pop the corner of the card into the rubber on the driver side window. That way they instantly see it when approaching their vehicle.Processed with VSCO with c4 preset
  • Be strategic about what areas you target. Private businesses may frown upon you doing this in their parking lots. Again, it is not illegal but the business owner does have the right to ask you to leave. Instead, I go to public parking lots. In my city, these parking lots are found in busy downtown areas. It take me about 30 mins to get
    rid of 250 business cards. It’s especially easy on days where an event is taking place, like an art fair. I also have my staff pass cards out during slow time.
  • Obviously you can hand cards directly to people at local events. People are generally very receptive. Keep it short! All you have to say is “Do you want a coupon?” and hold it out to them. Studies have shown that it’s a normal human reaction to take something when it’s being held out to you. Therefore the vast majority of the time, people take the card before they even know what it is, what’s going on or who you are. By the time they figure it out, you’ve moved onto the next person.
  • Definitely pass them out at Marketing Events!
  • Other ways to pass them out, is to leave them at local businesses such as coffee shops, diners and gyms. You can also try Client Marketing Bags – They’ll love & you’ll make more money!


Congratulations you just got some NEW clients!

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