How To Perform The Perfect Money Making Manicure

After years of perfecting the manicure you now can watch a quick run through of money making tips here: How To Perform The Perfect Manicure It’s sort of a “Back To The Basics” tip I suppose but SO many nail techs need to watch this! I charge $35 for this manicure and earn between $7-10 in gratuity. This is my basic manicure – anything less than this is crap and I don’t offer crap.

As a nail consultant, I’ve often come across the same mistakes over and over again. Top that off with “know it all” attitudes and practically all the mediocre nail tech’s schedules remain open. Along with their paychecks and tips remaining small. Questioning day after day, why they went to nail school, since it’s not paying the bills. If only, they would be humble enough to let these few simple tips sink in and put them into practice, their entire financial world could be turned around.

Common Mistakes:

  • Crooked nails – Learn this simple trick for Straight Nails Every Time
  • Polish lifting or peeling too soon
  • Polish not covering the full nail
  • Just because top coat is clear doesn’t mean it only goes on the middle of the nail
  • Cutting too much cuticle
  • Skipping the massage (especially when using Shellac or gel polish)
  • Using water or acidic cuticle remover
  • Removing polish on the skin with an acrylic brush loaded with acetone


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