How To Sell Retail Onto Salon Services

We all want to make as much money with as little effort as possible. Retail is another way to add more money to your wallet in less time. If you’re worried about annoying a client or being too pushy when attempting to sell retail just remember – Selling is all about finding a need and filling it.

As most of you know, I prefer to make many of my own products to use and resell. They are all natural, unique, lower cost to make and therefore earn a higher profit margin. I do not even consider selling retail unless I can make a minimum of 50%. That being said, first consider which products you would like to sell.coins-currency-investment-insurance

  • Limit them to a few!
  • Only sell what you believe in otherwise client’s will loose your trust

Then utilize the service time to probe and find a need for the client. Examples could be, peeling nails, dry skin, cracked cuticles, callouses, etc. Once the problem is apparent, offer a suggestion to solve it and verbalize.

For example, let’s say the client has tough to manage callouses on his or her feet.

  1. Make the recommendation – Say “you need the cucumber heel therapy”
  2. Let them sample it by applying to their feet
  3. Explain the treatment process – “Apply this at night before you go to bed or right after you get out of the shower”
  4. Say – “I’ll grab one and put it with your ticket so you can decide if you want to start using it”
  5. After the service – fill out the client ticket, place the product on top of it
  6. Close the sale – If the receptionist checks clients out they should be saying “this is the product that Elizabeth recommended for you, would you like to get this today?”
  7. Close the sale – If you check out your own clients (hand the client the product) “This is the heel treatment I was telling you about, did you want to get that today?”

Do NOT skip the final step. You MUST verbally ask them if they want to get or buy it. You cannot merely recommend a product and assume the client will go out of their way to find it on the shelf or ask you if they can purchase it. If they say “no” it’s not a big deal, just say “okay, let me know how this pedicure works out for you and go back to rescheduling. How To Get Return Clients.

Congratulations you just made more money!

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