Why I Chose Nails Over A Great Marketing Job Offer

I originally went to nail school because, like most people, it was cheap and fast. My plan was to then do nails to earn my way through college. It took me seven years to finally earn my bachelors degree as I worked to pay tuition and living expenses. I graduated with a Marketing and Political Science Bachelors Degree and a Summa Cum Laude status for getting straight A’s.

Over the years, I told clients my dreams and aspirations and that doing nails was just a temporary trade. They all agreed admirably that my plan was a wise one. This helped me get through what sometimes I felt was the shame of being a lowly nail technician. I worked tirelessly, without breaks to eat or rest on rich contentious folks for years. Slaving away at their feet with toe nails sometimes flying down my shirt and I’d leave often covered in dead foot skin, stiff neck and aching back. If I told them this wasn’t really me, and that I was more than this, I would be treated with slightly greater dignity.

Immediately after college, I got the dream job offer! An amazing marketing job with great pay, benefits, a free gym in the building and a casual work attire policy. I officially gave my boss my two weeks notice and accepted the newfound job. But as the days passed, I wondered what I really enjoyed out of life.

I had finally come to a place, after much turmoil, where I had built a clientele. I was only working 16 hours per week and banking some serious cash. I had loads of freedom, loved my clients and the atmosphere of my workplace. The thought of sitting in an office day after day for 45 hours per week, made me feel like screaming. So, I did the unthinkable. I changed my mind and instead added 10 more hours to my nail job.

At this point I was working 26 hours per week and taking home on average $5000-6000 per month. I paid off all my debt, had tons of free time and was the envy of all my friends. Eventually, I decided to open my own business. But, the moral of the story is, stick it out. Listen to my advice and you can have your dream job with the dream income and a great quality of life all at the same time.

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