How To Keep Expenses Low

We’ve all heard it a thousand times – Keep expenses low in order to pocket a larger profit. But, it’s difficult in the nail industry where small purchases quickly add up. A little nail polish here, then files, buffers and cuticle remover there, can eat away into profits. Nail techs can get stuck feeling like they need to “keep up” with trends and always purchase the newest/latest collections. Here are some tips for saving money:

  • Did you know beauty suppliers like The Industry Source often offer Free training classes? Take advantage of these, to learn new nail techniques and how to use new products. It’s also great to learn about products if you’re considering selling retail. Typically when you attend these classes, you also will get a discount on the featured product or service for that day.dsc00841
  • I generally do not concern myself with having the complete nail polish collections since there are always unpopular colors in the midst of the cool ones. It’s also costly and impossible to have the newest collection all the time since polish brands like O.P.I. put new collections out constantly. Instead, shop the clearance section of supply stores and find name brand polishes for cheap on EBay  by purchasing in bulk. You can also find cheaper bottles of Shellac and Vinylux on EBay.
  • Make your own products. I often create my own scrubs, lotions, masks, foot balms and more. These are WAY cheaper than purchasing and are super awesome because clients LOVE them. I make them with all natural ingredients and have found they work better than most “name brand” products. You can also sell these for a large profit.
  • Subscribe to Facebook selling sites. People may be selling off their used equipment like nail tables, pedicure thrones, UV lights and more.
  • Get a glass nail file for hands. I love these since they never wear out which means you save loads of dough on constantly purchasing new files.
  • Get Tweezerman cuticle nippers since they have a lifetime warranty for sharpening. You’ll literally only have to purchase two your entire nail career. That way you’ll always have one while the other is shipped out for resharpening.
  • If you use a glass disinfectant jar for implements throughout the day, don’t waste your money on something like this instead, just pay $1 for one at the Dollar Tree. Remember implements should be cleaned and fully submerged in something like a hands free tray at the end of each day.

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