How To Make More Money In Less Time

How? Up

When a client is on your schedule for a basic manicure or pedicure, you should automatically think to yourself, what can I get him or her to add on?

It should be about filling a need – not pushing them into spending more money.

The easiest things to add on are pedicure bonuses and Shellac (or gel polish)

  • Have a minimum of 3 different types of pedicures, all of which should take about the same amount of time. I worked at a very successful spa that had 12 different pedicures all taking the same amount of time. Prices ranged from $50-80. How much would you like to make per hour?
  • If you know how to use time efficiently, all pedicures will take about an hour.  Adding things like foot peels, paraffin, foot masks, etc. should not take extra time and should not sacrifice anything.
  • Other than for my At Home Spa Parties I do not offer express pedicures. Clients are never truly happy and are not likely to return.
  • When the client arrives, hand them the menu and ask which pedicure they would like.  Also, ask if they will be getting the longer wearing gel polish.
  • Don’t worry about client’s feeling “put out” the majority of time, clients will upgrade. They will be happier with the customized service and in the end you’ll make more money coupled with a bigger tip.


Congratulations you just made more money!

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