Email Marketing


  1. Emails are great because, when done correctly, can be effective and are FREE!
  2. Limit sending emails to no more than once per month. If clients receive too many emails, they will simply unsubscribe which is a sad day for you 😦
  3. Plan! Think ahead by creating email campaigns around important dates such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.
  4. Fill with useful tips, promotions, pictures and enticing information. Client’s lives are busy and they will only open an email if they will get something out of it.
  5. Use a professional service such as MailChimp. I’ve used this email service for years and so far it’s been free. I prefer MailChimp because they have easy to use templates, you can create emails ahead of time and schedule when they will be sent out, and it’s easy to upload the entire client list. You can also track how many were opened and how many links inside the email were clicked on.
  6. Everything should be made as easy as possible for clients so be sure to include links for purchasing gift certificates and links for scheduling appointments.
  7. Every single time I send out an email campaign, I get paid. How? Clients click on and purchase gift certificates. I use The Gift Card Cafe where I can create professional buttons, linked with PayPal and MailChimp to practically make money in my sleep.
  8. Learn tips for How To Collect Emails – never pay for email lists

Just as a side note, I mention several favorite companies and brands in my book and blog. None of them pay me to endorse them. Basically, you know that what I say is true and not because someone is paying me to recommend them. 




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