What Marketing Has Worked For You?

Submit your marketing ideas for a free prize! I make lots of my own products such as body scrubs, oils, healing lip balm, magnesium oil and more. These are often mailed to subscribers for helpful tips. I also have two amazingly crucial ebooks that you could win. Qualifying messages should include a picture or video along with useful manicuring tips.

Different things work in different locations and for different people. Spill your secrets on what has worked for you. Promotions, advertising, marketing, networking, etc. I want to hear it all.

One simple thing that has always worked for me is printing coupons onto business cards and passing them out. Literally every time I order these cards, I get NEW clients. Business cards are typically less expensive to purchase than other marketing materials and still look professional. Clients can easily shove them in their wallet or purse. Keep them one sided and simple because people will make pass or fail judgments about the card within seconds.

I pass these out at local businesses, put them on the driver side window of vehicles in prime locations and give them to current clients to pass along to friends. It may feel awkward at first but unloading a box of 250 cards can only take about an hour.

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